ESI: Essential Skills Investigation – Episode 2 [Video – 16:07] (2007)

This video is one in a series designed to promote understanding of the role Essential Skills play in learning, work, and life.

Essential Skills Investigation (ESI) agents are called in when a mob boss dies after his car stalls in the middle of an intersection and is hit by a gravel truck. The agents must decide whether the death is murder or an accident, and which Essential Skills played a role in the incident.

By process of elimination, they rule out several skills, and eventually determine that a lack of the Essential Skill of continuous learning caused the mob boss’s death.

The video’s lighting, dialogue, and camera angles all resemble those found in popular television crime dramas, and help build the viewer’s interest in the mystery being solved.

The video series was funded by the British Columbia Human Resource Development Society and Sto:lo Nation Human Resource Development.

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