ESI: Essential Skills Investigation – Episode 3 [Video – 21:02] (2007)

This video uses the style and atmosphere of a television crime drama to deliver a message about the importance of Essential Skills in learning, work, and life.

It begins with Essential Skills Investigation (ESI) agents trying to determine who is to blame for the death of a young apprentice in an accident in the auto repair shop where he is working. The immediate cause of his death is obvious, but the agents must determine how deficiencies in Essential Skills contributed to his death.

Their investigations allow them to eliminate several skills, and they eventually focus on problems with the skills of oral communication, critical thinking, continuous learning, and working with others as being key factors in the accident.

The video also delivers a message about the roles and responsibilities of those involved in apprenticeship programs, pointing out that the employer didn’t fully grasp his role as a teacher and mentor, and the late apprentice should have actively sought more guidance about doing his tasks properly and safely.

The video is part of a series was funded by the British Columbia Human Resource Development Society and Sto:lo Nation Human Resource Development.

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