The SCALES Essential Skills Workshop Facilitator's Guide (2012)

This guide is one of the resources developed through the SCALES (Supporting the Canadian Advancement of Literacy and Essential Skills) project, undertaken by CONNECT Strategic Alliances, representing Ontario’s 24 publicly funded colleges.

With funding from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada-Office of Literacy and Essential Skills (HRSDC-OLES), CONNECT partnered with Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) and Douglas College in British Columbia to develop a series of tools and best practices intended to help practitioners working with unemployed and low-skilled workers to incorporate a Literacy and Essential Skills (LES) approach into their work.

This facilitator’s guide is designed to help career practitioners offer Essential Skills workshops to other practitioners and to participants who are accessing career services. It complements the CONNECT SCALES Essential Skills Workshop Series sections.

The guide includes copies of the CONNECT SCALES project exercise sheets and handouts for workshop participants; lists of coordinating materials and supplies required for each section of the workshop; a list of video hyperlinks; and samples of workshop options.

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