Technology Planning Roadmap (2012)

This document is housed on the AlphaPlus server, where it can be downloaded in PDF or Microsoft Word format.

This roadmap is designed to help adult literacy organizations make the best use of the technology they already have, and to plan for their future needs.

It is divided into four components: a technology infrastructure inventory package; technology assessment and processes package; technology plan package; and a technology professional development plan package

The four packages can be used together or separately, and in the order that works best for a particular organization.

Each component includes charts and tables to help in the planning process. For example, the infrastructure inventory package contains a chart for keeping track of information about the organization’s computer hardware and software, including date of purchase; operating system; programs installed; and whether it is used by staff, students, or the public.

AlphaPlus is a provincially-funded Ontario organization that provides expertise to support adult educators.

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