My Journey to the Learning Centre (2010)

Located in a small community southwest of Montreal in Quebec, the Huntingdon Learning Centre is a nonprofit organization that offers workshops, in both French and English, in basic reading, writing and mathematics. It also offers courses in both English and French as a second language for newcomers to the area.

This document describes the experience of one adult learner whose life was changed by the programs offered at the centre.

Gordon Hope is the winner of the 2007 Canada Post Literacy Award for individual achievement. He describes growing up on a farm, where the heavy workload made it difficult to get much schooling.

As an adult, he worked long hours at a factory. The stress of the work was compounded by the factory’s shaky economic footing.

He turned to the Huntingdon Learning Centre to help him improve his basic skills. He has also acquired computer skills, made friends with people from many countries, and gained confidence in his abilities.

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