The SCALES Road Map Tool – Usage Guide & Worksheets (2012)

This document is one of the resources to grow out of the SCALES (Supporting the Canadian Advancement of Literacy and Essential Skills) project, a three-year initiative undertaken by CONNECT Strategic Alliances, representing Ontario’s 24 publicly funded colleges. The project’s goal was to develop tools and best practices that would help practitioners working with unemployed and low-skilled workers to incorporate a Literacy and Essential Skills (LES) approach into their work.

This “road map” is a needs assessment and action plan that guides and streamlines services between career practitioners and participants, demonstrating how Essential Skills (ES) fit into the process.

The road map uses the four-stage SCALES career development process. In the first stage, the focus is on assessing personal skills and gaining self-awareness, while the second stage deals with setting goals for life, learning, and work. The third stage is about determining how to reach the goals that have been established, and the fourth stage involves implementing a personal action plan.

The document contains a planning worksheet that career practitioners can use to map out the tools, resources, and workshops available to participants at their organizations. The worksheet is divided into four sections that correspond to the stages of the SCALES career development process.

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