Everything Present in the Seed: Community Leadership Manual (2013)

This manual is one of the resources developed for Everything Present in the Seed (EPIS), a leadership training curriculum designed to help community members discover their innate leadership values and skills and, at the same time, develop their literacy and essential skills.

Funded by the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (OLES-HRSDC), the curriculum was developed through a partnership between Capilano University and a number of community organizations in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The manual was specifically designed to be accessible to participants who might not have completed high school, or whose first language is not English.

It contains 13 chapters dealing with such topics as the nature of community development; discovering leadership skills; building online communication skills; project planning; writing proposals; and sustaining growth. Each chapter provides an overview of key ideas; definitions of new words; exercises to help participants share ideas; links to online resources; opportunities to practise writing skills; and additional reading to expand participants’ thinking about volunteer work.

The EPIS materials also include a facilitator’s guide to help community organizations prepare to deliver the curriculum.

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