The SCALES Essential Skills Checklist Tool & Instructions (2012)

This guide is one of the resources developed through the SCALES (Supporting the Canadian Advancement of Literacy and Essential Skills) project, undertaken by CONNECT Strategic Alliances, representing Ontario’s 24 publicly funded colleges.

It offers adults a chance to evaluate their strength in each of the nine Essential Skills. For each skill, there are a number of statements describing various tasks requiring that skill, and the participant must decide how well he is able to complete such a task.

For instance, one of the statements for the skill of reading is “I am confident I can read a newspaper article and understand the issues.” The participant must decide whether this is true always, usually, sometimes, rarely, or never.

The participant also records sample tasks from his own work environment.

After completing the checklist, the participant tallies the scores to determine areas of strength, as well as those that require improvement.

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