Resource Guide - Integrating Essential Skills Into Literacy Programming (2009)

This resource guide is the result of a two-year project initiated by the Literacy for Life Foundation in partnership with the Rainbow Literacy Society, two organizations that provide family and adult literacy programs in the Foothills area of Alberta.

The authors have presented, in chart form, a guide to a variety of literacy activities that can enhance Essential Skills. The chart presents each activity and shows how it connects to Essential Skills; which learning component it focuses on; how the activity is carried out and what materials will be needed; whether it is focused on adults, children, or adults and children together; the age range it is appropriate for; and whether it can be used for English language learners.

The activities are divided into two categories: non-commercial activities, which are based on materials that are cheap or free and easy to make; and commercial activities, which involve commercially prepared games or materials.

The authors have also provided suggestions for family literacy events and an appendix that includes material developed through this project and examples of resources available from other sources.

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