Up to the Certification Challenge: Study Highlights (2005)

This booklet presents highlights of a study sponsored by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) that examined how basic skills programs can support members working on the certification requirements for their jobs. Specifically, the study looked at the water and wastewater sector, which is undergoing major changes that include increasing regulation of both facilities and workers.

The authors focused on how Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island approach certification and training of water and wastewater workers. In addition to carrying out a broad Internet search, the authors did in-person, telephone, and email interviews with key people, including CUPE members and staff; instructors; and project committee members.

The study recommends that CUPE lobby governments and employers to strengthen and improve certification systems and processes; strengthen and coordinate the union’s efforts to support CUPE members dealing with mandatory certification; and develop a strategy to make certification a shared responsibility among individual workers, their union, employers, and governments.

The authors also recommend that training systems be improved; employers and governments pay for certification; and job protection be provided for workers who don’t pass their exams.

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