High Interest Low Vocabulary Books (2011)

For Youth and Adults

This is an annotated list of more than 300 books for youths and adults that combine interesting material with relatively low vocabulary.

The listing for each book includes its title, author, publisher, and a brief summary of its contents.

Each book is rated for its readability. While the reading level ranges from Grade 1 to Grade 12, most of the books fall into the Grade 1-6 range. Some books are specifically intended for adult learners.

The list contains both fiction and nonfiction, representing many topics and genres. Among the nonfiction selections are biographies, how-to guides, and books about the environment.

The fiction selections include mysteries, romances and novels about teenage life. Some of the novels have been written specifically for adults with low literacy skills by such well-known contemporary authors as Roddy Doyle and Maeve Binchy. Others are classic works by such authors as Jack London, Oscar Wilde and D.H. Lawrence, retold by other writers in a style that retains the spirit of the original while simplifying the vocabulary.

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