Tembec Mills: New Hope For Pine Falls – Case study (2011)

This is a case study of how community partners teamed up with the federal and provincial governments to help a small town cope with the loss of its biggest employer.

The Tembec newsprint mill opened in 1926 in the small community of Pine Falls, Manitoba. In the face of declining North American newsprint sales, the mill closed permanently in September 2010.

As early as December 2009, the community, along with the federal and provincial governments, had committed funds to help the local economy adjust and to upgrade a local learning centre to train laid-off workers in skilled trades.

In March 2010, a local training organization called the Winnipeg River Learning Centre (WRLC) received funding from the federal and provincial governments to begin the development of electrical and carpentry labs in its facility. The upgrades made it possible for the WRLC to become a training centre for Red River Community College, and were carried out primarily by former Tembec employees.

In September 2010, the Province of Manitoba provided more funding to complete the expansion and upgrades at the WRLC, which in turn facilitated the development of new training programs in construction electrician and carpentry for former Tembec employees. The first programs began in November of that year.

In March 201, a new training program began, focusing on the newly designated trade of construction craft worker. This program began with two months of essential skills testing and upgrading courses.

All training programs delivered by the WRLC and Red River Community College partnership are accredited according to apprenticeship training standards and graduates are eligible for credit towards an apprenticeship in their respective trades.

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