The SCALES Tool Kit – 23 Case Studies (2012)

The SCALES (Supporting the Canadian Advancement of Literacy and Essential Skills) project was a three-year initiative undertaken by CONNECT Strategic Alliances, representing Ontario’s 24 publicly funded colleges.

With funding from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada-Office of Literacy and Essential Skills (HRSDC-OLES), CONNECT partnered with Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) and Douglas College in British Columbia to develop a series of tools and best practices intended to help practitioners working with unemployed and low-skilled workers to incorporate a Literacy and Essential Skills (LES) approach into their work.

The tools produced through the project offer practitioners and clients a variety of methods for assessing an individual’s Essential Skills; understanding personal interests, strengths, and weaknesses; setting out career and life goals; and mapping out strategies for reaching those goals.

This document offers 23 case studies, collected by partner agencies in the project, illustrating how the SCALES tools were used in real-life situations. The clients described in the case studies vary widely in age, educational background, and work experience. Some are recent immigrants who need help building a support network and understanding job expectations in Canada.

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