Nygard: Brighter Days Ahead – Case study (2011)

When the Nygard garment manufacturing plant in Winnipeg, Manitoba, closed in 2008, it put 230 people, many of them immigrant women with limited literacy and numeracy skills, out of work. This document describes collaborative efforts designed to help many of these workers receive retraining and move on to other careers.

Those who lost their jobs after the closure of the Nygard plant had little chance of finding other jobs in the garment sector, as that industry had been shrinking for years in Manitoba. The Manitoba government, local colleges, Unite Manitoba Joint Labour Council, and Options for Success, a local company that offers career and transition services, joined forces to develop an adjustment program for the displaced workers.

The program contained two elements. The first, the Nygard Labour Adjustment Project, involved providing labour market services, including developing employment/action plans, taking inventories of skills, developing resumés, and executing a marketing blitz to employers seeking labour and production employees.

The second element, the Nygard Job Creation Project, involved 50 participants, who were provided with intensive language and essential skills upgrading to prepare them to train for new careers. Forty-seven of the participants completed the program and went on to enrol in a variety of other training programs, including culinary arts, early childhood education, and hairstyling.

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