Learning in the Workplace: A literature review (2012)

The primary purpose of this report is to summarize the literature on workplace learning in provincial, national, and international contexts, and to provide a set of recommendations about what New Brunswick employers could do to transform their workplaces into learning organizations.

The authors begin by discussing why workplace learning is essential for rebuilding New Brunswick, touching on the productivity, skills, and literacy gaps that exist between the province and much of the rest of Canada. They then show how closing these gaps will improve wellbeing through increases in competitiveness and through employment stabilization.

They examine a variety of studies and initiatives in workplace learning carried out in New Brunswick specifically, in Canada, and in various countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Norway, Australia, and New Zealand.

Based on their analysis, they recommend creating a culture of lifelong learning; gaining support from management, unions and community groups familiar with workplace learning; conducting pre- and post- assessment of learning needs; creating flexible workplace learning programs tailored to employees; and promoting collaboration and consensus between government, policy-makers, employers, and employees.

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