Building the Fire: Aboriginal Family Literacy (1996)

This document describes a seven-month project aimed at developing a program that would meet the literacy needs of the Aboriginal community in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan.

The Aboriginal Family Literacy Project, which began in October 1995 and ran until the end of May 1996, was a partnership between Lakeland College's LEARN (Literacy Education and Reading Network) program and the Lloydminster Native Friendship Centre.

The goals of the program were to encourage parents to reed to their children every day; to improve the students' reading, writing, and math skills; to build confidence in each student and increase cultural pride and self-esteem; to enable parents to be positive role models; and to empower students to make positive choices.

The first section of this report provides information on the structure of the program, while the second reports on and offers suggestions for preparation, instruction, and course content. The final section focuses on student assessment, documentation, and program evaluation

The author notes that the report presents the features of the program that made it successful within a specific community, and encourages anyone interested in establishing an Aboriginal family literacy program to research and experiment in order to discover materials and ideas that meet the specific needs of the community being served.

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