E-Learning for the Workplace: Creating Canada's Lifelong Learners – TELUS (2001)

E-learning helps telecommunications company TELUS provide training to employees in diverse geographic locations.

TELUS provides a wide range of telecommunications products and services throughout Canada, including Internet access, healthcare technology, and satellite television. Employees need to work effectively in teams, typically from great distances. TELUS’s "Virtual Team Communities Job Aid" platform helps team members collaborate on projects remotely, by helping them choose the best forms of communication technology for their projects.

All TELUS project managers are required to acquire Project Management Institute certification, a challenge given managers’ busy schedules and diverse locations. To meet that challenge, the company’s learning services division adopted a range of e-learning features, including online software courses, web-based connections to work projects, and online assessments.

TELUS is required to provide mandatory safety training to many of its employees. Through the TELUS corporate intranet, employees have direct access to safety training courses, available anywhere and any time. Online safety courses include Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS); transportation of dangerous goods; electrical protection; trenching and excavating; hoisting and rigging; and confined space hazardous entry.

E-learning has helped TELUS cut its training costs; reduce the time required for training; ensure consistency in course content; and implement changes to course content quickly and efficiently.

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