E-Learning for the Workplace: Creating Canada's Lifelong Learners - Calian (2001)

Online training has enabled Calian, based in Ottawa, Ontario, to increase the performance and productivity of employees, as well as reduce costs and eliminate traditional barriers to learning and sharing information like time and distance.

Calian is a diverse company working with both domestic and international clients in the service areas of health, information technology, training, systems engineering, and manufacturing. Calian employees are encouraged to share and build knowledge in order to solve problems, and training activities are part of the corporation’s culture.

Calian recognizes that some learning is best done in the classroom, while other learning is best done using personal Intranet sites. For that reason, learning activities at Calian are tailor-made to match the needs of all employees using multiple learning platforms and delivery approaches.

Learning platforms used at Calian include learning management systems (LMS); information learning technologies (ILT); content and knowledge management systems (CMS & KMS); customer relationships management systems (CRMS); business to business supply systems (B2B); enterprise resource planning (ERP); and SAP (service infrastructures).

Some of the challenges Calian has faced include changing attitudes about training as part of a business strategy; linking learning to the corporate vision; and getting the organization to see e-learning as an ongoing process rather than an isolated event.

The company has found that e-learning offers a good return on investment. After an initial upfront investment, there is a diminishing cost associated with the e-learning activity

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