Aboriginal Literacy and Essential Skills Pilot Project – Final report (2013)

This document outlines a three-year community-based project that helped First Nations communities on southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, to develop a learning vision and set of pathways that are culturally relevant and reflect the literacy and essential skills needs, interests and priorities of the communities.

Through the Aboriginal Literacy and Essential Skills (ALES) pilot project, Literacy Victoria worked with five southern Vancouver Island First Nations communities, some urban and some remote. The project team used the Canadian Council on Learning’s (CCL’s) First Nations holistic lifelong learning model, and sought advice and guidance from leaders in First Nations community learning.

The project was organized around four main principles: First Nations communities are culturally diverse and have varied learning needs and approaches to learning; Aboriginal literacy materials, programs and services need to be designed for different skill levels; the creation of culturally relevant First Nations literacy curricula needs to be clear and transparent, and carried out in collaboration with First Nations partners; and culturally relevant individual and community-based First Nations learning plans are needed to foster individual and community ownership regarding literacy skill development.

The project team developed a regional First Nations adult literacy and essential skills framework; facilitated and developed individual and community learning plans; adapted culturally relevant learning and assessment benchmarks for First Nations learners; designed culturally relevant curriculum that utilized a “pathways” approach; and designed a sustainability plan to advance First Nations adult literacy and essential skills program and service delivery once the project ended.

The project was carried out between 2010 and 2013, with funding from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC).

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