Prior Learning and Literacy in Nova Scotia (2010)

The premise of Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is that what a person knows and can do is more important than where or how he learned those things. PLAR programs provide a way for individuals to identify, articulate, document, and utilize the full range of the skills and knowledge they have acquired through their life and work experience, including volunteer activities, hobbies, and travel, as well as through formal education.

This brief document offers an introduction to PLAR in Nova Scotia. The PLA Centre in Halifax has developed a portfolio learning program to meet the needs of adult learners. In a facilitated group setting, participants work their way through a variety of exercises designed to help them recognize the skills and learning they have acquired.

On average, this can take between 12 and 18 sessions, and includes support from individual tutors. Participants end up with a portfolio that documents their skills and abilities, and can be used for career advancement, further education, or job-hunting.

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