Faculty Participation in Research at Canadian Colleges (2008)

A National Survey

This document outlines the results of a survey of college faculty concerning their participation in research activity. More than 2,000 faculty members, representing 90 publicly-funded colleges in all 10 provinces and one territory, responded to the web-based questionnaire during a 10-week period early in 2007.

The author notes that while the traditional mandate of Canadian colleges has been to provide career-related education in support of regional economic development, that mandate has expanded in recent years to include the development of research capacity.

While previous studies have looked at this rapid growth of research infrastructure at Canadian colleges, those studies were based almost exclusively on data collected from college administrators. By contrast, the goal of this study is to give voice to college faculty.

The survey results show that the majority of faculty at Canadian colleges have positive attitudes toward research at their colleges, and are interested in participating in research activities. The most popular areas of interest are curiosity-driven research; research related to teaching and learning; and applied research.

The primary barrier to increasing faculty participation in research at Canadian colleges is the lack of time that can be freed up from other responsibilities.

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