Dollars & $ense: Financial Literacy Course Curriculum Manual (2010)

This curriculum manual is aimed at facilitators of financial literacy courses. It includes four levels of instruction: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and English language learner (ELL).

The beginner level is intended for adults with very low literacy skills, and focuses on basic math skills. Handouts are in larger print and written in clear language.

The intermediate level is intended for students with a good grasp of basic math skills and with some computer experience. Advanced level topics include spreadsheets, mortgages, and financial planning, along with a review of mental math skills. The ELL level includes discussions about idioms, along with activities to encourage conversational practice.

The manual consists of modules focusing on broad themes, broken down into topics related to the overall theme. For example, the module about understanding income includes sections on employment income, government transfers, and investment income. Each topic starts with an objective and terms addressed in the lesson, followed by suggested activities, and brief instructions for the facilitator.

Topics were chosen based on common questions raised by adult students.

A variety of instructional techniques are used, including lecture format, class discussion, and whole group, partner, or small group activities.

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