Commitment and Communication: Ceridian's E-Learning Success (2001)

Since 1999, Canada’s leading employer services company, Ceridian, has used e-learning to provide training to employees scattered over a broad geographical area.

Ceridian provides payroll and human resource management solutions to businesses of all sizes. About 16 per cent of the Canadian workforce is paid through Ceridian payroll services.

Ceridian offers more than 200 web-based courses, covering everything from basic computer skills to advanced network maintenance.

One of its big success stories is the blended learning curriculum to support Insync, a software program designed to move and track accounts between Ceridian and its clients. Insync certification plans are tailored to each job family. For example, an implementation specialist requires 54 hours of online modules coupled with 34 hours of classroom and case study modules, while a prime help desk representative would require only 40 hours online and significantly fewer online modules.

Other e-learning efforts at Ceridian are aimed at technical and administrative support staff.

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