Early Off the Mark: RBC Financial Group's E-Learning Track Record (2001)

E-learning provides the solution to the time challenges faced by busy employees at RBC Financial Group.

RBC’s human resource strategy has shifted from classroom-based learning to workplace learning, self-directed learning, and learning activities mapped to general competencies. At the same time, RBC Financial Group’s self-directed learning and blended learning use both e-learning and classroom delivery.

The company’s Royal Learning Network (RLN) is responsible for all employee workplace learning, regardless of delivery method. One component of the RLN is the Personal Learning Network (PLN), a competency-based system that manages learning paths; collects data; and delivers learning content to employees through a supporting team of developers, learning specialists, and managers.

Operating on a cost-recovery model, the PLN markets to internal clients and responds to internal requests for proposals for technology-assisted learning from various units within RBC Financial Group.

The PLN also has a budget to encourage technology-assisted learning by lower organizational levels that don’t have the funds to develop e-learning. The PLN determines delivery method by considering size of audience, speed of implementation, and cost. Its staff will even recommend against a technology-assisted solution if they don’t think that this is the best way to fulfil the needs of both the learner and the business.

RBC Financial Group is Canada’s largest financial services enterprise, with thousands of employees in North America and around the world.

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