Anxiety in the Maths Classroom (2013)

The author of this document teaches communications courses in an academic upgrading program at a college in Toronto, Ontario. She has also researched and written about the impact of violence on the capacity to learn, and is particularly interested in the effects of anxiety on learning.

On a personal level, she has lived with the conviction that she can’t do mathematics, as if her brain were missing the software for math. Eventually, she had had enough of her inability to do math, and of the fear that kept it entrenched, and decided to join the math upgrading program at the college.

In this essay, she not only describes learning math, but also reflects on her struggle with comprehension and its relation to her psychological and physical states as she explores firsthand the mechanics of anxiety in the classroom.

She graduates from the math course with high honours and, more importantly, overcomes a fear that had been part of how she defined herself. Her experience reinforces her conviction that acknowledging and addressing the anxiety facing adult learners in all subject areas is the route to real learning.

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