B.C. Ministry of Education: Showing What a Skill Looks Like (1998)

A school district in British Columbia has developed performance criteria with which students, teachers, and employers can assess students’ employability skills.

Officials of the district, based in Dawson Creek, consulted with employers in three local communities to develop two subjective employability skills evaluation tools. One of these tools centred on employers’ evaluations of students’ demonstrated employability skills in work placements, and the other focused on students’ own evaluations of their skills based on their work placement experiences.

Both tools are used extensively to record individual students’ skill levels and to map collective strengths and areas needing improvement.

Employers are asked to comment on the reasons behind their ratings of students’ skill levels in different areas; to discuss their evaluations with students; and to make recommendations on how students might improve their skills.

Students, for their part, are asked to comment on their own self-assessments, and to set goals for themselves to improve their skills where needed.

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