Using Technology Effectively - Final Report (2000)

In 1997-98, technology was introduced to the former Southwestern Ontario Adult Literacy Network (SOALN) through the "Preparing for Technological Change" project. One of the objectives of this project was to provide every program within the network with assistance on obtaining the equipment, software and basic training to begin using the Internet, E-mail and the AlphaCom facilities. It became apparent that more was needed to further the use and effectiveness of these methods of communication and information distribution.

This project was initiated to study and implement the further development of skills in the areas of communication methods and information distribution. This report outlines the steps that were taken and the outcomes that resulted in order to meet the project proposals. To order a copy : Literacy Link South Central, 475 Caradoc St. South, Strathroy ON N7G 2R1, Tel. (519) 246-1577 or 1-800-561-6896, Fax (519) 246-1414, E-mail : WWW : This report is available online in NALD's Full-Text Documents. (01.02.08)

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