Dealing with Conflict – Workbook (2012)

This workbook is part of a series entitled “Career – Life – Work,” produced by the NWT Literacy Council. The series consists of four instructor’s manuals and six workbooks, covering a wide range of topics.

The workbook includes sections on defining conflict; looking at conflict in different ways; causes of and responses to conflict; using collaboration to work through conflict; and the advantages and disadvantages of various styles of conflict management.

Activities focus on conflicts that arise in a variety of settings, including between couples; at home; in the workplace; or between friends. Many involve open-ended questions; brainstorming; and analyzing past conflicts to find clues for dealing with further conflicts.

Learners can use the workbook on their own, or go through it with a friend.

The workbook can also be used by instructors as a supplement to the section of the series dealing with communication skills.

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