Pre-Trades Training for Northern Women (2008)

An Inventory of Existing Pre-Trades Training Programs for Women in the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut Territory

Within the next decade, a large number of new tradespeople will be required to fill jobs in the mining, oil and gas, and construction sectors in Canada’s three territories. Unless northern women are prepared to enter trades occupations in large numbers, those positions will probably be filled by workers from outside the territories and, possibly, from outside of Canada.

This document provides information on one phase of a project whose overall objective is to encourage women to enter trades, technical, and industry occupations in the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut.

Learners in the north face many challenges that learners elsewhere do not encounter, the authors point out. In turn, women face additional challenges, including cultural norms that place less value on employment and education for women than for men, and an almost complete lack of daycare facilities.

Pre-trades training initiatives for women in southern Canada are able to attract students with high literacy levels, who have already worked through such personal issues as addictions or weak self-esteem, and are committed to a career in the trades. Those models require significant modification if they are to lead to successful learning and career development for northern women.

The project team researched existing training initiatives in the three territories to assess what training currently exists for women entering trades, technical, and industry occupations; to determine what works and why; and to identify the most suitable role for community organizations to play to enhance successful learning for women.

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