Planning Your Career – Workbook (2012)

This document is part of the “Career – Life – Work” series produced by the NWT Literacy Council. The series consists of four instructor’s manuals and six workbooks, dealing with a variety of issues that affect personal and work life.

In this workbook, the author points out that planning a career and getting a job are two different things. The search for a job begins when someone finishes school or needs employment, while a career needs to be planned ahead of time.

The workbook divides career planning into eight steps, with an activity for each step. By completing the handout for each step, the learner will arrive at a plan for reaching career goals.

The eight steps include exploring personal interests and strengths; researching new careers; listing transferable skills; checking out the career prospects in a particular community or region; finding a mentor; job shadowing; finding out about necessary training and education; and determining whether upgrading will be required before being able to get into a particular program.

The workbook can be used by individual learners on their own, or as a supplementary resource for instructors teaching the career development section of the series.

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