ES Solutions @ Kleysen Transport (2013)

A WEM partnership case study

The success of Essential Skills (ES) training in the workplace led Kleysen Transport to develop a whole new vision of how the company should operate.

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Kleysen Transport employs 500 people across Canada. With help from Workplace Education Manitoba (WEM), Kleysen had identified and responded to ES gaps among its employees that were affecting workplace performance.

As the Kleysen employees became more knowledgeable, they began providing feedback about their work. They told management that while they were aware of the progress they had made, they needed to have a better sense of where they were going next.

The company then realized that workers who were performing with appropriate ES levels required a whole different style of supervision, management, and leadership. That’s when management decided it was time to develop a new vision.

The company realized that to develop that new vision, it needed develop executive training first, then let that content filter down through the entire operation. Training helped Kleysen executives acquired the knowledge and skills needed to better focus employees’ efforts and to building positive energy for the whole company.

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