ES Solutions @ Malach Ltd. (2013)

A WEM partnership case study

Malach Ltd., a manufacturer of sheet metal products for various construction applications based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, has used Essential Skills (ES) training to meet the challenges of growing demand and market expansion.

In 2010, the company was having trouble finding skilled workers and was noting performance problems within its existing workforce. It formed a partnership with Workplace Education Manitoba to address those problems.

While the company had done workplace training in the past, managers realized that many of the current problems revolved around basic numeracy-related tasks, document use, and tasks involving reading. ES-based refresher training programs were developed for newly hired employees, while existing employees received gap training targeting their specific work needs.

Most of the on-site training involved individuals or small groups taking one or two sessions a week for four to six weeks, with training timed to fit Malach’s production schedules.

Further ES training was added to help lead hands improve their ability to offer constructive criticism during training, use positive coaching techniques, and manage conflict. A lead hand is an experienced worker in charge of a small group of employees in the same trade.

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