Talking with Children About Money (2013)

A resource for families, schools, and family literacy programs

This financial literacy resource is designed for families, schools, and family literacy programs. It covers a wide range of topics, including earning money; bank accounts; paying bills; and the difference between wants and needs.

It also includes a wide range of activities that parents or caregivers and children can do together. The activities are targeted at various age groups. For example, younger children can make their own piggy banks, while older children could set up a lemonade stand.

The authors have also included a section on what they call the “parent loan company.” When a child asks for an advance on his allowance, parents can set up a loan repayment plan, complete with interest. The parent and child calculate how long it will take to repay the advance and how much it will cost in interest.

There is also a section on traditional economies, based on the barter system, versus the modern cash economy. The authors suggest that children ask an elder in the community about the traditional economy.

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