Goal Setting – Workbook (2012)

This document is part of the “Career – Life – Work” series. Produced by the NWT Literacy Council, the series consists of four instructor’s manuals and six workbooks, dealing with topics that affect both personal and work life.

The workbook sets out a six-step process for setting goals. The first step is to write down the goal, while the second is to determine whether there is a genuine, intense desire to reach that goal.

Other steps include identifying the obstacles that will have to be overcome and the help needed to reach the goal; setting deadlines; making a detailed plan; and assembling photos or other images in a collage that serves as a visible reminder of the goal.

While this workbook uses career goals as examples, the author points out that the steps can be used to set any kind of life goal, including ones affecting family, spiritual life, education efforts, or physical and mental health.

The workbook serves as a stand-alone unit for learners, or as a supplementary resource for instructors teaching the section of the series dealing with strategies for job success.

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