Glades Lodge, Nova Scotia – Case Study (2012)

Glades Lodge, a long-term care facility located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, set up a computer training program and lab to help employees learn to use the computers that had been installed on care units at the facility.

Glades has provided workplace training for its employees since 2005, offering academic upgrading, document use, and communications courses.

In 2008, Glades installed computers on care units but found that many people could not operate them. Administrators decided a computer training program was needed, and established a project team to get the program started. The team includes managers, union representatives, employees, and a representative from the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Workforce Development.

Team members identify educational needs and organize the courses, which are tailored to the needs of Glades staff. Instructor costs and ongoing support costs are partly covered by the provincial government.

The program has helped staff members improve not just their computer skills, but also their confidence, adaptability, and leadership potential.

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