Loewen (2005)

Case Study

Loewen, Canada’s largest producer of premium wood windows and doors, has established a foundation skills program to help its employees, and to help the company grow.

Loewen’s manufacturing facility in Steinbach, Manitoba, employees about 1,700 people, many of them are immigrants whose first language is not English.

The objectives of Loewen’s foundation skills program are to ensure that company employees have the literacy and language skills to fully understand company documents, especially those on safety; ease the integration of immigrant families into the community; and develop and retain qualified employees.

To achieve these goals, Loewen has partnered with the Southeast English Language and Literacy Services for Adults, a community group whose mandate is to help immigrants improve their English skills. The partnership gives the company access to government funding, which covers half of the instructors’ fees.

Due to the success of the initial literacy program, the company established a General Education Development (GED) stream for those wishing to pursue more advanced education. As well, The Loewen family contributed money to set up a computer literacy lab.

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