Slocan Group/Canadian Forest Products ⎯ Mackenzie (2005)

Case Study

In 1996, the Slocan Group and its union set up an on-site adult learning centre at the company’s forest-products facility in Mackenzie, British Columbia.

Most of the 500 production employees at the Mackenzie location had not been in any formal learning environment for many years, and were anxious when faced with on-the-job training.

The Slocan Group created a 24-hour, on-site learning environment so that its employees, along with their spouses, could learn on “neutral” territory. Participants attended classes on their own time, but on a flexible schedule to suit their work and personal commitments.

The program’s curriculum was customized to address participants’ skill needs at an appropriate level of complexity. Once participants felt more comfortable with the process of learning, they could move on to higher levels in areas from basic literacy to computer training, and could participate in workshops and off-site training.

Slocan was purchased by Canadian Forest Products Ltd. (Canfor) in 2004. Canfor continues to support workplace literacy programs at the Mackenzie facility.

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