Métis Post-secondary Education Systems: Literature Review (2009)

This paper describes a literature review undertaken to determine the current state of knowledge about Métis postsecondary education systems and to identify promising practices for further exploration.

Using both general and specialized subject search engines, the authors carried out computer searches on Aboriginal postsecondary education, Métis postsecondary, and Métis education. Based on their review, they present recommendations dealing with self-determination, academic development, cultural revitalization, and financial matters.

They note that Métis need to define their own terminology in a way that captures their cultural perspectives and understandings, and any initiatives undertaken must be consistent with and supportive of the inherent Métis right to self-determination.

The education that Métis receive must be of the highest quality academically and include approaches that are meaningful and adequate for Métis people. Métis scholars should be included in the development and delivery of curriculum.

Capital funds are needed to develop community infrastructure to support educational aspects of cultural revitalization.

Because tuition costs are high and most Métis have lower incomes than non-Aboriginal Canadians, Métis have reduced access to postsecondary education and are less likely to complete their studies. An option to help counteract these issues is to develop a financially accountable, Métis-governed charitable foundation that can act as a clearinghouse for Métis university studies.

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