Reception Services for Individuals With Limited Literacy Skills (2013)

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This guide was developed for support staff and other professionals who are the first people adult learners encounter when they enrol in adult education or vocational training centres in Quebec. It presents methods and strategies for working with individuals with limited literacy skills.

Reception services often have a decisive influence on the quality of the education adults receive, the author points out. The objectives of this guide are to make reception staff more aware of the specific characteristics and needs of individuals with limited literacy skills, and to provide them with the tools they need to work effectively with those people.

In the first chapter, the author explains how low literacy skills are defined by international standards, and notes that individuals with limited literacy skills are found in all age groups. Often, they come from disadvantaged backgrounds, and may have developed skills and strengths that help them compensate for the problems they face.

The second chapter deals with suggested approaches for both the initial and second levels of reception. The author provides a chart containing various hypothetical situations, with suggested actions to meet the client’s needs in that situation.

The third chapter contains a list of resources, including books and online documents, that learners could use to improve their skills.

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