Keyera Energy (2005)

Case Study

Keyera Energy’s Capability Development System addresses industry-related training, and a variety of other workplace skills, including communication, computer literacy, and interpersonal relations.

Keyera operates one of the largest independent midstream companies in Canada, with over 400 employees, 19 processing plants and associated pipelines, and the capability to process more than 30 million cubic metres of gas per day. In the petroleum industry, midstream companies are involved in the transportation, storage, and wholesale marketing of crude or refined products. To operate safely and efficiently, and to produce high-quality products, Keyera’s employees must be highly trained, experienced, and capable of adapting easily to new technology and regulations.

The Capability Development System is competency based, online where possible, skill oriented, and third-party audited. Its objectives include creating profiles of jobs that describe the skills and task competencies required; delivering a program that is effective, non-threatening, and easy to implement; and meeting the requirements of the Canadian Technology Human Resources Board (CTHRB) to maintain the company’s validation agent status for the Canadian petroleum industry.

It includes a web-deliverable skills and competency assessment tool, and skill profiles for various jobs. It automatically flags competencies that may need to be recertified, and provides technology-based training and names of mentors assigned to various specialties.

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