Teck Cominco (2005)

Case Study

Management and union at Vancouver-based Teck Cominco Limited joined forces to form The Learning Centre (TLC) at the company’s operation in Trail, British Columbia.

Teck Cominco Limited is a diversified mining, smelting and refining group. At its Trail Operations, in response to challenging business conditions in the late 1990s, the company focused resources on creating a culture of learning that would revitalize and engage the company’s newly restructured employee group.

This group was older, with an average age of 48, and very experienced, with an average service of 24.5 years. According to a needs assessment, a significant number of employees felt that refreshing their current academic skills and acquiring new ones would allow them to participate more fully in job-related training.

Through TLC, Teck Cominco aims to maintain a learning culture by providing learning opportunities in specifically academic courses, and by infusing these skills into general interest courses; increasing accessibility to courses by scheduling around the 15 shifts at the operation; partnering with local colleges and distance education programs; and funding all courses taken by employees.

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