Social Return on Investment (SROI) Pilot Project (2012)

Using a technique called social return on investment (SROI), the authors of this report measure the impact of the service provided by a supported employment program in eastern Newfoundland.

Avalon Employment Inc. was formed in 1993, with the mandate of providing long-term paid employment in the business community to people with barriers to employment, in particular to those with developmental or intellectual disabilities.

SROI attaches a financial value to social, environmental, and economic outcomes that are identified as resulting from a program’s activities. The authors provide a detailed description of how they decided which activities to measure and how they went about collecting data.

Their analysis of both the financial investment in the program and the benefits to stakeholders over a 12-month period showed that every dollar invested in Avalon Employment’s activities created $3.80 of social and economic value for its beneficiaries.

All of the agency’s clients saw a 60 percent increase in their skill level since they started employment.

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