From Spark to Sustained Heat (2000)

First Year of A + B = $, The - A Literacy and Economic Development Project in Eastern Ontario

This report tells the story of how some literacy service providers in Eastern Ontario made the link between the education and literacy levels in the local population, and the economic prosperity in the region, then did something about it. It shows how you could start a similar project in your region. This report describes how the collaborative project was organized, what it did, and what effect it had. This is not a dry reporting of dates and facts. Rather, it tells the human story in simple language, and it describes the lessons learned.
Thanks to a government grant the literacy people were able to establish a project in which they joined forces with people from a variety of other backgrounds. Together, they were able to get even more people and organizations to sit up and take notice that the education levels in the general population, and people's attitudes to life-long learning, have a direct effect on the overall socio-economic health of the community. Now the community is starting to act to change the situation.

This document is available at : For more information, contact David Sherwood, A+B=$, 520, Concession 9, Ste-Anne-de-Prescott, ON, KOB 1M0, Tel. (613) 674-2042, Fax (613) 674-2042, E-mail : (01.09.19)

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