Profile of the New Brunswick Labour Force (2013)

This document offers a look at population trends, labour force statistics, and the participation of various groups in the labour force in the province of New Brunswick.

In 2013, Statistics Canada estimated that New Brunswick had a population of 756,050. According to the population model used in the preparation of this report, New Brunswick’s population is expected to peak at approximately 766,200 persons in 2032.

The structure of the New Brunswick population has shifted over the last 40 years. The senior cohort has been steadily increasing while the youth cohort has been steadily decreasing, a trend that is expected to continue.

The authors also look at the rural-urban divide in the province. Just over 63 percent of employment in New Brunswick is located in one the province’s urban population centres. In 2012, urban New Brunswick had a 60.3 percent employment rate, compared to a 51.3 percent employment rate for rural New Brunswick.

The document also contains information about labour force participation by women, youth, older workers, Aboriginal people, immigrants, visible minorities, persons with disabilities, and low skilled workers.

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