Adult Back to School Planner (2013)

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This booklet is written for adults who are thinking of going back to school. It covers such topics as how returning to school may require changes in other areas of life; the advantages and disadvantages of various training options; creating a short-term action plan to prepare for the future; time management, money matters, problem-solving, stress management, school-life balance; and other resources.

Throughout the booklet, people share their real-life experiences of going back to school as adults, discussing both the practical challenges and the rewards of their decision.

The authors have included checklists and self-assessment exercises to help readers determine what they want to achieve by returning to school, and what they need to do to prepare for the transition.

This booklet is part of a planning series that also includes materials aimed at career practitioners. It is written at a simpler reading level.

Visit the Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS) website at to view or order your copy.

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