Tutor Workshop Handbook (2010)

This Handbook is the result of a "best of the best" approach that can be used by tutors, trainers and literacy practitioners in general. The authors hope it is a tremendous resource that can help achieve higher levels of literacy throughout Ontario. It could also be used elsewhere, with the same results.

Sections include: Introduction to Laubach; The Adult Student; Tutoring Strategies, Techniques and Resources; Lesson Planning and Ongoing Student Assessment; Appendices.

Each section is divided according to the Laubach Enhanced Training Guidelines. In each section, there is more than you could possibly include in your own Council‘s Tutor Handbook. You can select those materials which will be most useful for your own tutors from the smorgasbord provided.

There is a step-by-step chart on Developing a Learning Plan for your students. As well, you'll find a description of the Principles of Lesson Planning.

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