Professional Development for Adult Literacy Practitioners (2014)

This document is part of a project undertaken to collect information and stories about teaching and learning practices in adult literacy. It is a compilation of all the articles that are part of the Stories from the Field project.

This is a unique initiative of the Adult Literacy Research Institute (ALRI), located in the Centre for Excellence in Foundational Learning at Bow Valley College in Calgary, Alberta. ALRI is an institute that promotes and conducts critical inquiry and applied research and aims to inspire innovation in the field of foundational learning; i.e. adult literacy, basic education, upgrading, and essential skills. They bring people together to collaborate on local and national projects and to share their knowledge and experience in research and practice.

Stories from the Field took a journalistic approach to professional development for adult literacy and essential skills practitioners throughout Alberta. Current issues were explored, as were innovations and challenges in teaching and learning reading, writing, numeracy, and technology in adult literacy and essential skills.

The project was inspired by “Literacies: Researching Practice Practising Research”, a literacy journal that was published from 2003 to 2009. Literacies challenged us to examine our practice and helped us stay connected with what was happening across the country. It was filled with practitioner voices sharing the things they learned while teaching adult literacy. It took the form of research, articles, stories, interviews, and art, and was one of the most accessible sources of professional development in the field.

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