Social Sector Case Study (2013)

Forging Links

The Forging Links project saw Alberta Workplace Essential Skills (AWES) partner with many different providers, including the social sector, to raise public awareness about the importance of WES.

AWES representatives discussed, trained, presented and collaborated with colleges, learning centres, and pre-employment programs across Canada in both urban and rural communities. The focus wasn’t just to build WES capabilities in the social sector, but to work closely with agencies of social change to figure out which communities to travel to and to build capacity in.

That included delivering a series of workshops about the process model for integrating WES into curricula. In turn, that led AWES practitioners to develop and provide workshops to coordinators, instructors and tutors in rural Alberta communities to familiarize them with WES and related materials.

AWES also worked in partnership with an Alberta-based college to develop materials with a workplace focus for learners who have very low literacy skills.

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