Exploring Automotive Trades - Workbook (2014)

The present document is part of a project focussing on LBS and Apprenticeship titled: “Supporting Clients through Curriculum Development.” You can complete a self-assessment to help determine a career exploration choice. Other tasks included are: watch a short video to learn the truth about the myths of apprenticeship; define unfamiliar trade vocabulary in a Training Standard document; interpret a Sectors and Trades Chart. The module also gives tips on how to write multiple-choice exams.

Workbook titles in this series include:

Exploring Automotive Trades Exploring Food Trades Exploring Construction Trades

Through this project Literacy Link South Central (LLSC) developed three modules for literacy practitioners to use with clients who have identified apprenticeship as their goal. The modules will help adult learners interested in trades related to food, automotive or construction. The resources will help supporting clients through apprenticeship.

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