The Companion to SARAW (1999)

An Exercise Workbook

The Companion to SARAW (Speech Assisted Reading and Writing) was developed for an expressed need, to expand the SARAW program's capabilities within the framework of the computer program. With the READ section of SARAW being an untapped wealth of learning opportunities, the stories from READ were taken and from them Directed Reading and Thinking Activities were created. The same stories were also used to develop basic grammar exercises. Finally, a chapter was designed specifically for volunteer tutors and instructors that includes specific activities that could be done using different sections of the SARAW program. The ultimate goal of this publication is to make learning as easy and interesting as possible.

For more information on this material, contact the Neil Squire Foundation, Suite 100, 2445 13th Ave., Regina SK S4P 0W1, Tel. (306) 781-6023, Fax (306) 522-9474. This material can also be downloaded from the Neil Squire Foundation Website, at or from the NALD website at : (00.05.24)

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